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Welcome at AquaLot!

AquaLot is the latest generation of aquarium software. Whether you have a small hobby tank or several professional breeding tanks - AquaLot provides the complete package for all your needs


Aquarium software  
  • keeps detailed records of your fishes, water plants and invertebrates
  • creates an extensive stock system specifying the number, quality and size of your animals and plants as well as the costs, sources of supply, etc.
  • provides information on many fish species and includes the option of creating your own descriptions and photos
  • records all the data associated with your aquarium
  • manages all important dates and recurring tasks with the help of an alarm
  • creates a library of the addresses of pet shops, breeders and fairs
  • collects and collates all statistical data into tables and graphs
  • calculates the costs for electricity and water consumption over identified time periods
  • holds the income and expenses related to your hobby
  • allows the recorded data to be browsed for terms and values
  • provides technical specifications (over 400 items in total) of filters, heaters, lighting and accessories of leading manufacturers such as JBL, EHEIM, Tetra etc.
  • is available in different languages and can be easily translated into other languages

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What's New?

Version 2.2

  • This is the freeware patch. No registration required.

Version 2.1

  • This is the compatibility fix of the Professional or Malawi Edition for the latest versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download and overwrite original exe


  • Language pack Italian released
  • Language pack Dutch released
  • Language pack Portuguese released

Version 2.0

  • New: recurring tasks (expl. every two days, each week on Monday etc.)
  • New: custom events. In addition, you can complement each event with photos and detailed comments.
  • New: custom attributes for the search in the species library.
  • New: 17 water values (including ORP and conductivity) and the possibility to turn on and off the important water values in the statistics.
  • New: income and expenses
  • New: modern ribbon interface with built-in help (tooltips)
  • New: full support for Windows 7

Version 1.3

  • The "Tank configuration" dialog has been completely rewritten.
  • Adding new filters, heaters or lighting in tanks has been simplified.
  • The stock management has been revised.

Version 1.2

This version contains no new functionality. The following errors have been fixed

  • The software does not work with some country settings (eg Switzerland), if a point instead of a comma has been used as a decimal separator - fixed
  • The date in the calendar representing not on the day of the week - fixed
  • The program showed under Windows Vista without reason the message "Your system time was back" - fixed

Version 1.1

  • The programme contains technical specifications of filters, heaters, lighting and equipment of the leading manufacturers such as JBL, EHEIM, Tetra etc - totally over 400 items.
  • Data import from old oder same versions databases
  • Update of old databases via Internet by our update server
  • 30-day demo version with all functions (including the "modify" function)
  • simple registration on the internet

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